Chiropractic and Pregnancy Health Seminar

Category: General > Medical/Pharmaceuticals 23rd Oct 2011 - 23rd Oct 2011

The seminar will provide guidance, instruction, examples and the latest evidence to enable you to improve your care of the mother-to-be and then expand this care to engage her partner and then her baby.<br /><br />Drs Liz and Jennifer wil focus on the maternal charges physically, mentally and spiritually through this exciting time of massive change as well as how chiropractors can promote self discovery and assist self-healing well beyond the symptoms of pain<br /><br />Each sectiona will synthesise what to recognise, what to do, modifications of your care, the pitfalls and when to co-manage. The history, examination and technique needs to reflect the physiological changes by trimester and post-natal care will be discussed.<br /><br />How competent are you in the examination and chiropractic management of emerging families - couples and mothers?<br /><br />Can you adapt your adjustment styles to accomodate pregnant women?<br /><br />How's your technique? Are you confident of its sucess?<br /><br />Do you know when to do what and where?<br /><br />Are you potentially missing something you should not be?<br /><br />Do you have a big 'why' should couples come under chiropractic care?<br /><br />If you are not confident in your answers to any or all of these questions this is a must attend seminar for you!<br /><br />The seminar will feature two understanding chiropractors and mothers:<br /><br />Dr Liz Anderson-Peacock (Chiropractor) and Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani (Chiropractor)

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  • Bayview Eden Melbourne, 6 Queens Road
  • Melbourne
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  • Australia


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